Pharmaceutical Development

Mark – Logistics Functional Manager

I joined PHE in 1983 as a ‘newly minted’ graduate, after leaving university with a BSc in Biological Sciences, specialising in Microbiology.

The organisation was much smaller in those days and there wasn’t a manufacturing plant on site, so all work was done in the laboratories.  I started out as an assistant operator, responsible for growth media and glass production.

As the business developed, there was a logical need for the company to have its own pharmaceutical stores (Pharm-stores) and dispatch departments.  This was and still is, an exciting time and as my responsibilities grew I came to manage these departments.

From just three staff, I now have a team of 12 in Pharm-stores as well as two dedicated personnel working with me in dispatch.  Over the last couple of years I project managed the development of the new Pharm-stores extension and in brief, my remit is now to oversee all bulk and active raw materials arriving on site from the start of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process through to the final product leaving site.

Now that PBL is a company in its own right and is expanding, I see my role as one of meeting the new challenges through the management of resources and planning.  It comes down to good husbandry and careful stock management, especially since we have grown from an original small inventory to a point where we are now responsible for thousands of resource items, worth several million pounds.

I have a great team and we have a very supportive working environment in which we work together, often under tight deadlines, to meet the needs of the business and our clients. It is important to see the wider picture in that we are the first, important cog in the overall business machine, whose end aim is to save people’s lives.

Mark’s tip for success:  ‘Take time to bounce ideas with colleagues, prepare and plan ahead and keep your team informed so that you work well together.’

Mark’s passion outside work:  ‘I enjoy cooking and using recipes for different foods from around the world – and of course eating good food!’