Anthrax Vaccine

Porton Biopharma is the sole manufacturer of the UK’s licensed anthrax vaccine.

The vaccine is manufactured for, and on behalf of, the UK Government. It is supplied to the Department of Health for occupational health purposes and to the Ministry of Defence to protect service personnel from the use of anthrax as a biological weapon.

The vaccine can be supplied to other national governments, for more information contact the Commercial department at

The active ingredient in the vaccine is a sterile filtrate of an alum precipitated anthrax antigen in a solution for injection. The other ingredients are aluminium potassium sulphate, sodium chloride and purified water. The preservative is thiomersal (0.005%).

The vaccine is given by intramuscular injection and the primary course of 4 single injections is followed by a single booster dose given once a year.

For detailed product information, please see the MHRA Medicines Information site.