Pharmaceutical Development

PBL attending events this spring

PBL will be attending the Innovation in manufacturing through collaboration event in Darlington on Wednesday 27th March.

This Innovate UK and Knowledge Transfer Network event is an opportunity to learn more about a selection of projects that have been funded to accelerate the development and manufacture of vital advanced therapies, medicines and vaccines. The day’s objective is to disseminate the results and innovations arising from these funded projects, and to enable this medicines manufacturing community to explore further opportunities for collaboration through networking.  PBL will be attending along with colleagues from Chain Biotechnology and Scitech Engineering and will report on their Innovate UK funded project to manufacture novel medicines for inflammatory bowel disease using spores of gut bacteria. 


Following on from that Dr Ying Gao will be presenting a talk on  “Adapting New Technologies into Legacy Microbial Process – Implementation of Single Use System” in the microbial manufacturing symposium of the Bioprocess International Europe conference 2019 conference in  Vienna from 2-5th April, which will focus on the latest developments and application of microbial based production.