Pharmaceutical Development


PBL works on a lucky day in Japan to make a life-saving product


Porton Biopharma limited (PBL) is working with Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  who has today submitted a New Drug Application  for Erwinase® in Japan.  The submission was specifically  timed because the 17th December is considered to be “a lucky day”  in the Japanese Rokuyo calendar and is known as Taian, 大安  . This is an auspicious good luck day for all concerned and is particularly good for wedding ceremonies and starting new business ventures, hence why it was chosen.

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PBL initiates its academic, professional and community engagement programme

students from Oxford Brookes University visit PBL

Developing links with a range of academic institutions, industry professionals and the local community is a key component of PBL’s engagement and marketing strategy.  This will enable us to keep up to date with latest research and innovative thinking, provide cross-linkages with academic and industry partners, and also develop potential career paths to enhance our workforce planning.

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PBL gains its first PhD

Dr Dave Gervais

We are pleased to announce that Dave Gervais, a Senior Scientist and Analytical Innovation Lead at PBL has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford Brookes University.

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New director joins PBL

We are pleased to announce that Pat Mills, Commercial Director at the Department of Health has taken up a role as a Shareholder Director of PBL,

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