Statement on the use of animals


Porton Biopharma Limited is committed to the ethical use of animals in the development and manufacture of our life-saving products.  By signing the Concordat, along with Public Health England (PHE), we have joined  over 130 other organisation in the UK committed to being  more transparent about our work.  The most recent data on animal numbers used by PHE and PBL are reported here.

Our work is focused on the quality-assured development of biopharmaceuticals including Erwinase®, a childhood leukaemia therapy, and the UK’s anthrax vaccine.  No animal testing whatsoever is performed in relation to the manufacture of Erwinase® .  We do not undertake basic research using animals and we do not, or have not, undertaken any primate work.

The UK’s anthrax vaccine does have, as part of its licence, the requirement to undertake a limited number of animal tests to ensure each batch of the vaccine is safe and provides immunity.  Here our work involves the use of guinea pigs, rabbits and mice.  However, by working  to implement the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce and Refine) and through rigorous statistical analysis of our own data, we have recently been able to achieve a 25% reduction in the numbers used in anthrax vaccine testing.  Ongoing work is also being undertaken to switch another assay to one which will further reduce the use of animals.